Right now, people are a bit frustrated.

Lockdown number 2 and no gyms!

Let’s remember; the gyms are more than just a place to work out, get fit and chase our goals, they’re also a place to blow off steam, come back down to earth & escape the stresses and pressures of everyday life.

With the absence of gyms, people get complacent quite easily – we know this as we saw it happen in the first lockdown.

People let themselves off the hook & bury their head in the sand then months later complain about it and feel even worse that they allowed themselves to slip so far back!

We need to recognise this is an opportunity in disguise if we can just acquire the right perspective!

If the first lockdown taught me anything, it’s that home workouts are tough to get stuck into & people aren’t motivated to maintain good habits because their energy is just deflated.

Who tried a few home workouts then sacked it off?! Lol

I get it. It’s hard to maintain. It’s simply not the same as hitting the gym!

This is why accountability is of greater importance right now over home workout ideas or nutrition programs because if you don’t have the support, guidance and challenge to actually execute them, they’re pointless.

Accountability is a necessity in this type of climate and an actual game changer because you can’t let yourself off the hook!

The plan of attack is mapped out and in front of you. It’s crystal clear & you become very objective about your work!

So, this lockdown my advice is to keep accountable.

Don’t search Instagram for cool home workouts, you’ll soon get bored.

Motivation comes and goes but being accountable keeps you moving forward whether you like it or not.

Progress or Excuses. Your call.

You don’t necessarily need a coach, so don’t think this is a plug either!

There are other ways to get accountable:

For example: buy yourself a big whiteboard or something you can write on that you’ll see every day – some people write on post it notes and stick them to the fridge but for me, they aren’t blatant enough!

I have a glass whiteboard in my office. I use it daily.

So, I’m preaching here what I practise.

Every day write down no more than 5 things you NEED to get done.

For example:

  1. Workout for 30 minutes
  2. Hit 8,000 steps minimum
  3. Clean the house
  4. Prep meals for tomorrow
  5. Get to bed no later than 10pm


There’s a lot of distraction in the world at the minute. Social media is plagued with crap and people just blurting out their opinions on lockdown and COVID-19.

Try to focus on what’s progressive and that’s your 5 non-negotiables on the whiteboard.

Take it day by day.

Stay accountable.

Remain focused.

Do this daily and you won’t go far wrong!

But you HAVE to do this daily!

Just like building strength in the gym requires reps, to build a good habit requires repetition also. Make this the first thing you do in the morning – no compromises.

And of course, the other way to keep accountable is to hire a coach!

Mutually agree your non-negotiables, get a nutrition strategy mapped out, get a training schedule programmed, checkin with the weekly – level up!

It’s all there for the taking but it requires you to actually WANT to do it.

You have to make the executive decision to level up and secondly, you need to get started and take ACTION. Don’t just think ‘oh that’s a good idea’ – ACT on it!

Let’s go!

Level up season!