Something I’m sure we’ve all been notified about before on our phones is to “Upgrade Storage” when we’re running low!

This is because our phones are literally at capacity and they can only store so much data.

The reason I’m using this analogy is because it’s a fairly similar concept with carbs and your muscles.

When we consume carbs, they get stored in our muscles and liver as glycogen.

It’s then held there as an energy source for when our bodies need it.

So, if we have a lack of (or limited) muscle, we also have limited storage which means we can only successfully store a certain amount of carbs that we consume.

And if you like your carbs which 99% of people do, this can become a problem.

So, what do we do?

Well, we need to simply upgrade our storage.

We do this by building muscle from resistance training and more specifically doing sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (girls this includes you too).

Lads won’t need much convincing here, but girls, this will be soo beneficial for you in the long-term too.

Imagine being able to eat more carbs & remain lean!

Having more muscle will not only improve your base metabolism, enable you consume more carbs but it will also actually help you visually appear leaner and more toned!

So, if you’re a cardio bunny, I’m not suggesting you stop this entirely but maybe re-think your training strategy if you want to get leaner.

I advise all of my clients that are hooked on cardio to scale down the HIIT, classes and bootcamps & really put some focus into building some lean tissue (and before you even think it, don’t panic, you won’t get ‘bulky’).

You want a body that works for you, easily & seamlessly and not to be in a position where you work for the body!

So… Upgrade that Storage, consume more carbs, enjoy more caloric freedom!

Build Muscle & think long-term!

If this resonated with you and you need help shaping your programming, please don’t hesitate to enquire today – I’d love to see if I can help!

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